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Technical Information Archives

Technical Information Archives is a collection of articles and stories about the history of the UK. We have a passion for history and we want to share it with you. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and if you have any questions or comments please get in touch.

General Engine Data for Leyland 98mm Engines

Below is a scan of the General data for the 98mm engine which was fitted in the Leyland 255, 270, Middleweight tractors and the Leyland 285, 485, 2100 and 4100 Heavyweight tractors, it covers both the 4/98 and 6/98 NT and DT engines. This information is from the original workshop manual supplement issued by British Leyland. I find it interesting that they give all this information but also put a disclaimer in the manual as well. Disclaimer (i) Purchasers are advised that the specification details set out in this Suppliement apply to a range of engines and not to any particular engine. For the specification of any particular engine Purchasers should consult their Distributor or Dealer.(ii) The Manufacturers reserve the right to vary their specifications with or without notice, and at such times and in such manner as they think fit. Major as well as minor changes may be involved in accordance with the manufacturer's policy of constant production improvement.

Published on 3rd May 2024

Technical Specifications of the Leyland 270, Leyland 255 and Leyland 245 Middleweight tractors

This archive file shows the specifications for the smaller of the Leyland Middleweight range of tractors with the rattle cab tractors (although the Leland 245 model can also be fitted with the later Quiet cab also known as the Q-cab). This covers the Leyland 245, Leyland 255 and Leyland 270 models. This archive file covers the engine, clutch and PTO specifications, as well as the filtration and hydraulics on the tractors. Please note that Tractor Spare Parts Ltd have not checked the accuracy of this data but hope that this specification data is useful.

Published on 15th Dec 2023

Construction of Leyland 285-2100

Below is a scan of a document from our archive detailing the construction of the Leyland 285 and Leyland 2100 models from the heavyweight range of Leyland tractors. The document details the usual dimensions, weights and power to weight ratio as well as details of the construction looking specifically at the following sections:- Engine- Clutch- Transmission- Rear Axle- Hydraulics- Safety cab and platform floor

Published on 11th Dec 2023

Technical specifications of the Leyland 154

If you own a Leyland 154 and are interested in learning more about the technical specifications of this tractor, I have constructed a document that I am sure will help you. 

Published on 24th Nov 2023

Motor Trader- Nuffield Tractor

Tractor Spares is proud to present a must read for tractor lovers, that being this Nuffield tractor motor trader article. 

Published on 20th Nov 2023

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